WoW LVL 90 Finally!

This fast lvl guide helped me get several of my toons to lvl 90 last week! Yeah! It just took a few hours here and there. I met a guy at a party a couple weeks ago that told me it took him more than a month of heavy duty playing time to get only one of his toons from level 80 to 90! He said he played every day. Wow, that’s a lot of time to put in just for one character.  I mean I was able to level from 80 to 90 with FOUR different characters (playing each solo) in less than 4 days just playing a couple hours here and there! Now I really can see just how valuable this fast lvl guide is.  I’ll be adding my level 90 toons on my About Me page as I go (including my level 85 toons: wow human hunter, troll mage, dwarf hunter, human paladin, etc).  Here is a screen shot of me finally reaching level 90.

Fast LVL Guide - Level 90 Achievement

Here is another one of my characters reaching level 85.

Fast Lvl Guide - reached lvl 85