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Get LvL 90 in only 2 Days!!!

Fast Lvl Guide - lvl 85 Paladin

Last week my friend Mike told me that he has been using a BRAND NEW  wow fast lvl guide which is the FASTEST leveling guide on the market, taking only  2 DAYS to get from level 1 to 90!! I couldn’t believe it. I thought my fast lvl guide was the fastest, taking only 9 …

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Lvl 90 is Awesome

Worgen Rogue LV85 armor

This fast lvl guide has really helped me BIG time. I now see what the big fuss is all about – when your characters are level 90, they can dish out a serious butt whooping! No more getting pushed around. Who wants some can of whoop ass?! Yes, I am very excited, having level 90 characters …

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WoW LVL 90 Finally!

Fast Lvl Guide - reached lvl 85

This fast lvl guide helped me get several of my toons to lvl 90 last week! Yeah! It just took a few hours here and there. I met a guy at a party a couple weeks ago that told me it took him more than a month of heavy duty playing time to get only …

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