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Get LvL 90 in only 2 Days!!!

Fast Lvl Guide - lvl 85 Paladin

Last week my friend Mike told me that he has been using a BRAND NEW  wow fast lvl guide which is the FASTEST leveling guide on the market, taking only  2 DAYS to get from level 1 to 90!! I couldn’t believe it. I thought my fast lvl guide was the fastest, taking only 9 …

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Lvl 90 is Awesome

Worgen Rogue LV85 armor

This fast lvl guide has really helped me BIG time. I now see what the big fuss is all about – when your characters are level 90, they can dish out a serious butt whooping! No more getting pushed around. Who wants some can of whoop ass?! Yes, I am very excited, having level 90 characters …

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Fast LvL Guide - Alliance & Horde

As Cataclysm allows our toons to reach level 85, the fast lvl guide has been updated to get us there FAST and includes goblin & worgen leveling (see new races here).  Below is a snapshot of some characters (both Alliance & Horde) I’ve leveled solo from 1 to 80 in only 8 days. It seems to …

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Fast Lvl Guide – Wow Leveling Tips

Getting a fast lvl guide for War of Warcraft is an important step to achieving fast leveling for your characters using minimal effort.  This is especially important since the upcoming Wow Mists of Pandaria expansion release is approaching quickly.  Each time a new expansion happens, including when Cataclysm or Wrath of the Lich King were …

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