LVL Guide Results

Getting a War of Warcraft fast lvl guide is an important step to achieving fast leveling for your characters using minimal effort.

About a month ago, I was able to get a really fast lvl guide for wow.  This thing is incredible!  It actually works as advertised – very fast to level up (only 8 days!) and takes minimal effort.  I say this in amazement since I had previously bought two other wow lvl guides which each promised to be a fast leveling guide, but they didn’t seem to work very well.  These other wow guides I had gotten required a ridiculous amount of hours to level up with very boring play time.  Anyway, my new leveling guide has made me very happy (very easy and fun to use).  I now have level 80 for almost all of my characters.  Though the guide works for all wow expansions, I have been leveling up all my characters while playing Wrath of the Lich King.  I’m now going to have a huge advantage when the Cataclysm expansion officially releases in December!  It’s been a lot of fun multi-playing in different servers with my 80 level characters.  It’s been a fantastic experience wielding the most powerful weapons, items and spells toward enemies.  It’s only going to get better when Cataclysm is fully released and the beta bugs are fixed. Leveling up to 80 has given me access to some killer epic flying and ground mounts too.  Thanks to this guide, I now have eleven level 80 characters!!!  I listed three of these characters’ pictures below. See more of my level 80 characters on my “About Me” page.