Lvl 90 is Awesome

This fast lvl guide has really helped me BIG time. I now see what the big fuss is all about – when your characters are level 90, they can dish out a serious butt whooping! No more getting pushed around. Who wants some can of whoop ass?! Yes, I am very excited, having level 90 characters is AWESOME! Of course having killer mounts and gear makes even better. In a future post, I’ll show you some bad ass mounts I’ve been able to get with level 90 toons. For now, here’s some SUPER armor I’ve been able to get for 2 of my level 90 characters…

Here’s my level 90 Blood Elf Paladin wow. Check out the killer stats for the Condender’s Defense Battlegear I got!

Here’s my level 90 Elemental Shaman. Check out the killer stats for this heroic dungeon raid item!