Get LvL 90 in only 2 Days!!!

Last week my friend Mike told me that he has been using a BRAND NEW  wow fast lvl guide which is the FASTEST leveling guide on the market, taking only  2 DAYS to get from level 1 to 90!! I couldn’t believe it. I thought my fast lvl guide was the fastest, taking only 9 days to get to lvl 90.  Could it be that this new guide does it in 78% LESS time?

Mike told me that he has actually been making toons so fast that he’s been able to SELL them online for $500 – $1,400 each!  He says that there’s a lot of people that don’t know about this guide or the one I’ve been using and they would rather pay for a leveled up character instead of spending months/yrs leveling them up themselves. He says that there’s a ton of people looking to buy lvl 90 toons (different races/classes/professions). Now that’s something that I’ve never thought about doing before.  It’s actually a great idea, especially since making new characters is so fast. You can easily make custom characters for people in very little time. I’m going to look into this.

Mike challenged me to try this new guide to see if I could start a level 1 toon and make it level 90 in only 2 days playing only part-time.   I was really skeptical and curious if it can be done.  Since there’s a complete 60 day money back guarantee for the product, I took him up on this challenge.

I quickly discovered that this in-game fast lvl guide has many similar features to the guide I’ve been using with questing routes using way arrows and map ant trails.  I noticed some extra features too that my guide doesn’t have including dynamic instruction on which glyphs to buy and shows you exactly where to put your talent points every time you level or it does it for you on automatic mode! This feature seems to makes a lot of difference in leveling speed since just one talent point in the wrong place can decrease players leveling speeds by days.  There are even in-game expert tips which appear for each quest making them a breeze to complete.

After just 1 day, I reached lvl 85 for my Catacylsm Worgen! I can’t believe it’s true, but it is AND it was actually even easier to do it than my original fast lvl guide.  Mike now owes me $20!  That’s what he bet/challenged me that I couldn’t get level 85 in 4 days or less.  It was a great experience, lots of fun and I got some new gear too that the guide showed me on how to find.  I’m definitely keeping this new leveling guide and I’m going to use it for all my new toon leveling going forward ; ) I’ve updated my site here to reflect this to be my new fast lvl guide recommendation for anyone looking for the FASTEST way possible to get their players to lvl 90.  It took me only 1 day more to get to level 90!!!