As Cataclysm allows our toons to reach level 85, the fast lvl guide has been updated to get us there FAST and includes goblin & worgen leveling (see new races here).  Below is a snapshot of some characters (both Alliance & Horde) I’ve leveled solo from 1 to 80 in only 8 days. It seems to take between half to another full day to go from lvl 80 to 85 with this fast lvl guide. I plan to more post toon pics soon as I get them to lvl 85.

**UPDATE - Please see most recent post where I reveal an even faster lvl guide which enables a player to go from level 1 to 90 in only 2 days!!!

Here is a summary of what the updated WoW fast leveling guide
now provides for Cataclysm & other warcraft expansion players:

  • Ability to level from 1 to 80 in 1.5 days AND from 80 to 90 in 0.5 to 1 day! That’s only 2 days!!
  • ANY character can achieve level 90 in Pandaria, including Alliance, Horde, Pandaren, Goblin & Worgen toons.
  • In-game arrow & text box indicators show you exactly what to do & where to go based on your race & class. This is an important feature since if you do the same thing with different races/classes,  you’ll waste a HUGE amount of time. This is the only guide I’ve seen with this feature.
  • Optimized quest order enables you to do 3 quests simultaneously – this is a significant time saver!
  • Directions show you step-by-step how to get loremaster achievements for each zone! The guide makes this super easy.
  • Everything is compatible with heirlooms, dungeon and PVP leveling.

**Now you can also get an in-game 1-525 profession leveling & achievements guide which helps you easily get to the profession leveling cap and >1,400 achievement points & earn unique mounts. My favorite achievement is the “Mountain o’ Mounts” which enables you to obtain 100 mounts, including unique & legendary mounts like the dragonhawk mounts.

I have found these guides to be super easy & fun to use. I highly recommend them.