Fast Lvl Guide – Wow Leveling Tips

Getting a fast lvl guide for War of Warcraft is an important step to achieving fast leveling for your characters using minimal effort.  This is especially important since the upcoming Wow Mists of Pandaria expansion release is approaching quickly.  Each time a new expansion happens, including when Cataclysm or Wrath of the Lich King were released, there are new game changes.

After a ton of research, I was able to find the best fast leveling guide for my warcraft characters.  This is actually the third leveling guide I bought (the other two had strategies which took forever to level up and didn’t seem to really work well).  This other one I got though, allowed me to easily level up ALL my characters super quick.  In fact, I had several characters which were only level 2 & 3 and I was able to level them up to level 90 in only 2 days!!! I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  And the best part is that it works for both Alliance or Horde and any character type including the two new Pandaria or Cataclysm characters, pandaren, worgen and goblin.  Anyway, I’ve listed a couple of tips here from this guide which can help you significantly speed up your leveling.

  • As you level up, keep a trade skill leveled high in parallel. Use the dungeon finder for level >70  dungeons to help determine which trade skill to select: either Skinning, Tailoring, Enchanting or Mining.
  • Increase the speed parameter on your characters’ boots.
  • Make sure to open and take all chest items & sell all your stuff at the auction house to generate income. This will help prevent you from spending time grinding or farming to get gold.  Ideally you want all the time spent leveling up.
  • For your account equipment only, use the best bind enchants.  For all other gear, don’t enchant it except if your character is an enchanter and you want to boost enchanting skills.