Fast LVL Guide Helps Get Rare Items

While using this fast lvl guide, I was able to get two of the RAREST, most difficult items in the game!

These 2 items are 2 of the most difficult to obtain. You cant just raid to pick these up. Yes, I am very excited about this!   See this image of these items which are in inventory of my LV 85 human warrior. These items are AMAZING! Check out the item stats for the Zin’rokh, Destroyer of worlds & Staff of Sorcerer – Thane Thaurissan! With these two items, this character is pulling 22k DPS in raids!!


Get LvL 90 in only 2 Days!!!

Last week my friend Mike told me that he has been using a BRAND NEW  wow fast lvl guide which is the FASTEST leveling guide on the market, taking only  2 DAYS to get from level 1 to 90!! I couldn’t believe it. I thought my fast lvl guide was the fastest, taking only 9 days to get to lvl 90.  Could it be that this new guide does it in 78% LESS time?

Mike told me that he has actually been making toons so fast that he’s been able to SELL them online for $500 – $1,400 each!  He says that there’s a lot of people that don’t know about this guide or the one I’ve been using and they would rather pay for a leveled up character instead of spending months/yrs leveling them up themselves. He says that there’s a ton of people looking to buy lvl 90 toons (different races/classes/professions). Now that’s something that I’ve never thought about doing before.  It’s actually a great idea, especially since making new characters is so fast. You can easily make custom characters for people in very little time. I’m going to look into this.

Mike challenged me to try this new guide to see if I could start a level 1 toon and make it level 90 in only 2 days playing only part-time.   I was really skeptical and curious if it can be done.  Since there’s a complete 60 day money back guarantee for the product, I took him up on this challenge.

I quickly discovered that this in-game fast lvl guide has many similar features to the guide I’ve been using with questing routes using way arrows and map ant trails.  I noticed some extra features too that my guide doesn’t have including dynamic instruction on which glyphs to buy and shows you exactly where to put your talent points every time you level or it does it for you on automatic mode! This feature seems to makes a lot of difference in leveling speed since just one talent point in the wrong place can decrease players leveling speeds by days.  There are even in-game expert tips which appear for each quest making them a breeze to complete.

After just 1 day, I reached lvl 85 for my Catacylsm Worgen! I can’t believe it’s true, but it is AND it was actually even easier to do it than my original fast lvl guide.  Mike now owes me $20!  That’s what he bet/challenged me that I couldn’t get level 85 in 4 days or less.  It was a great experience, lots of fun and I got some new gear too that the guide showed me on how to find.  I’m definitely keeping this new leveling guide and I’m going to use it for all my new toon leveling going forward ; ) I’ve updated my site here to reflect this to be my new fast lvl guide recommendation for anyone looking for the FASTEST way possible to get their players to lvl 90.  It took me only 1 day more to get to level 90!!!


Lvl 90 is Awesome

This fast lvl guide has really helped me BIG time. I now see what the big fuss is all about – when your characters are level 90, they can dish out a serious butt whooping! No more getting pushed around. Who wants some can of whoop ass?! Yes, I am very excited, having level 90 characters is AWESOME! Of course having killer mounts and gear makes even better. In a future post, I’ll show you some bad ass mounts I’ve been able to get with level 90 toons. For now, here’s some SUPER armor I’ve been able to get for 2 of my level 90 characters…

Here’s my level 90 Blood Elf Paladin wow. Check out the killer stats for the Condender’s Defense Battlegear I got!

Here’s my level 90 Elemental Shaman. Check out the killer stats for this heroic dungeon raid item!


WoW LVL 90 Finally!

This fast lvl guide helped me get several of my toons to lvl 90 last week! Yeah! It just took a few hours here and there. I met a guy at a party a couple weeks ago that told me it took him more than a month of heavy duty playing time to get only one of his toons from level 80 to 90! He said he played every day. Wow, that’s a lot of time to put in just for one character.  I mean I was able to level from 80 to 90 with FOUR different characters (playing each solo) in less than 4 days just playing a couple hours here and there! Now I really can see just how valuable this fast lvl guide is.  I’ll be adding my level 90 toons on my About Me page as I go (including my level 85 toons: wow human hunter, troll mage, dwarf hunter, human paladin, etc).  Here is a screen shot of me finally reaching level 90.

Fast LVL Guide - Level 90 Achievement

Here is another one of my characters reaching level 85.

Fast Lvl Guide - reached lvl 85



As Cataclysm allows our toons to reach level 85, the fast lvl guide has been updated to get us there FAST and includes goblin & worgen leveling (see new races here).  Below is a snapshot of some characters (both Alliance & Horde) I’ve leveled solo from 1 to 80 in only 8 days. It seems to take between half to another full day to go from lvl 80 to 85 with this fast lvl guide. I plan to more post toon pics soon as I get them to lvl 85.

**UPDATE - Please see most recent post where I reveal an even faster lvl guide which enables a player to go from level 1 to 90 in only 2 days!!!

Here is a summary of what the updated WoW fast leveling guide
now provides for Cataclysm & other warcraft expansion players:

  • Ability to level from 1 to 80 in 1.5 days AND from 80 to 90 in 0.5 to 1 day! That’s only 2 days!!
  • ANY character can achieve level 90 in Pandaria, including Alliance, Horde, Pandaren, Goblin & Worgen toons.
  • In-game arrow & text box indicators show you exactly what to do & where to go based on your race & class. This is an important feature since if you do the same thing with different races/classes,  you’ll waste a HUGE amount of time. This is the only guide I’ve seen with this feature.
  • Optimized quest order enables you to do 3 quests simultaneously – this is a significant time saver!
  • Directions show you step-by-step how to get loremaster achievements for each zone! The guide makes this super easy.
  • Everything is compatible with heirlooms, dungeon and PVP leveling.

**Now you can also get an in-game 1-525 profession leveling & achievements guide which helps you easily get to the profession leveling cap and >1,400 achievement points & earn unique mounts. My favorite achievement is the “Mountain o’ Mounts” which enables you to obtain 100 mounts, including unique & legendary mounts like the dragonhawk mounts.

I have found these guides to be super easy & fun to use. I highly recommend them.


Fast Lvl Guide – Wow Leveling Tips

Getting a fast lvl guide for War of Warcraft is an important step to achieving fast leveling for your characters using minimal effort.  This is especially important since the upcoming Wow Mists of Pandaria expansion release is approaching quickly.  Each time a new expansion happens, including when Cataclysm or Wrath of the Lich King were released, there are new game changes.

After a ton of research, I was able to find the best fast leveling guide for my warcraft characters.  This is actually the third leveling guide I bought (the other two had strategies which took forever to level up and didn’t seem to really work well).  This other one I got though, allowed me to easily level up ALL my characters super quick.  In fact, I had several characters which were only level 2 & 3 and I was able to level them up to level 90 in only 2 days!!! I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  And the best part is that it works for both Alliance or Horde and any character type including the two new Pandaria or Cataclysm characters, pandaren, worgen and goblin.  Anyway, I’ve listed a couple of tips here from this guide which can help you significantly speed up your leveling.

  • As you level up, keep a trade skill leveled high in parallel. Use the dungeon finder for level >70  dungeons to help determine which trade skill to select: either Skinning, Tailoring, Enchanting or Mining.
  • Increase the speed parameter on your characters’ boots.
  • Make sure to open and take all chest items & sell all your stuff at the auction house to generate income. This will help prevent you from spending time grinding or farming to get gold.  Ideally you want all the time spent leveling up.
  • For your account equipment only, use the best bind enchants.  For all other gear, don’t enchant it except if your character is an enchanter and you want to boost enchanting skills.


Wow LVL Guide – New Cataclysm Races

A good wow lvl guide will be important to use for helping quickly level up the new Cataclysm alliance Worgen and horde Goblin race characters as well as other character races you have.  I wanted to take a moment to cover these two races in more detail since it’s a cool addition to the Cataclysm expansion.

The new alliance combat character race, worgen, has 8 basic classes including mage, priest, rogue, warlock, warrior, druid, hunter and death knight.  As typical, the warrior class has the best strength attribute with the exception of the death knight class, which is four times that of the warrior class!  Death knight agility is more than three times the warrior agility, has four times more stamina, only about 10 pts higher intellect and about double the spirit attribute. To sum it up, the worgen death knight is fierce!  Also a point to mention for those who have not played the Cataclysm beta version yet, there is not yet a working female version of worgen [update: released 10/27/10, female worgen are now playable on Cataclysm beta build 13221 - see image below.]

Fast Lvl Guide Worgen Female ImageThe worgen has six basic racial abilities.  In summary they increase the character’s movement speed by 70% , increase critical strike chance %, cause curse/disease duration reduction, increase skinning skill speed, transform the character from human to worgen form in combat, and four-legged run as fast as a wild animal.  These are awesome abilities.  My favorite is the transformation visuals from human to worgen.

The new horde combat character race, goblin, has 8 basic classes including mage, priest, rogue, warlock, warrior, shaman, hunter and death knight.  As typical, the warrior class has the best strength attribute with the exception of the death knight class, which is 5 times that of the warrior class!  Death knight agility is more than 3 times the warrior agility, has about 5 times more stamina, only about 10 pts higher intellect and about double the spirit attribute. To sum it up, the goblin death knight is fierce!

The goblin also has six basic racial abilities.  In summary the character has a rocket belt which allows the character to jump forward using the rockets as propulsion, ability to launch your belt rockets at an enemy inflicting X-Y fire damage (24-30 at level 1 and 1654-2020 damage at level 80), increase in attacking & casting speed, always receive best discount regardless of faction standing, and ability to call in a hobgoblin servant which allows you bank access on the spot. These too are awesome abilities.  My favorite is the ability to get the best deal on merchandise for other characters.  This saves a lot of gold.

I actually have both goblin and worgen characters I’ve been using on Cataclysm beta in addition to other characters I have.  I’ve been able to level them up very quickly using my fast leveling guide. I am using a female goblin mage and a male worgen priest.  I’ve included the screen shots of these two characters when I first started leveling them. This way you can see what the starting Cataclysm character screens look like (for those of you who haven’t played the beta version yet).


LVL Guide Results

Getting a War of Warcraft fast lvl guide is an important step to achieving fast leveling for your characters using minimal effort.

About a month ago, I was able to get a really fast lvl guide for wow.  This thing is incredible!  It actually works as advertised – very fast to level up (only 8 days!) and takes minimal effort.  I say this in amazement since I had previously bought two other wow lvl guides which each promised to be a fast leveling guide, but they didn’t seem to work very well.  These other wow guides I had gotten required a ridiculous amount of hours to level up with very boring play time.  Anyway, my new leveling guide has made me very happy (very easy and fun to use).  I now have level 80 for almost all of my characters.  Though the guide works for all wow expansions, I have been leveling up all my characters while playing Wrath of the Lich King.  I’m now going to have a huge advantage when the Cataclysm expansion officially releases in December!  It’s been a lot of fun multi-playing in different servers with my 80 level characters.  It’s been a fantastic experience wielding the most powerful weapons, items and spells toward enemies.  It’s only going to get better when Cataclysm is fully released and the beta bugs are fixed. Leveling up to 80 has given me access to some killer epic flying and ground mounts too.  Thanks to this guide, I now have eleven level 80 characters!!!  I listed three of these characters’ pictures below. See more of my level 80 characters on my “About Me” page.